UK Dogworks Ltd

Terms and Conditions

Health and Safety

For the safety of your dog(s) and others, all new starters will be assessed upon their initial trial service. They will be walked on a longline and harness until we assess their suitability to be off lead and to the selected service(s).
Dog(s) failing to respond to recall and / or promoting other challenges within our care will result in us declining your request to allow your dog(s) to be let off lead.
We reserve the right to cancel or change any bookings made after your dog(s) assessment if we believe that the selected service(s) is not suitable for the wellbeing of your dog(s) and or others.
It is important you are open and honest with us and explain in full detail about any behaviours your dog(s) may have before booking on to any of our services. Whilst we are happy to, and frequently work with, reactive and behaviourally challenged dogs, we must have this information before booking to avoid compromising the safety of any other person or dogs in our care.
If your dog(s) does show any signs of aggression that we have not been made fully aware of and causes harm to any dog or person(s) whilst in our care, you will be responsible for any costs incurred. Therefore we highly recommend your dog is insured and covered for third party liability.
Permission to let dogs off lead must be made prior to any of our services providing they have been assessed and we feel they do not pose a threat.

Key Holding

Please be aware that with our key holding service, you understand that you are leaving your dog(s) and your home at your own risk. When collecting and dropping off your dog(s) we will always ensure that your home is left locked and secure per your instructions.
Keys held within our care will be kept in a secure key safe when not in use.


Payments can be made online, via bank transfer or via our contactless card reader.
Any bookings made must be paid at the time of booking and a receipt will be generated automatically.
All payments made outside of our online booking system will made through Square. Upon your initial booking you can agree to your card details being securely stored through this third party provider for any future bookings.
Failure to make payments on time may result in all future bookings being cancelled without notice.


All cancellations need to be made within 48 hours to avoid a 50% cancellation fee (Excluding Boarding).
All Boarding cancellations need to be made 7 days prior to the selected boarding date to avoid a 50% cancellation fee.
Any cancellations made in advance, entitles you to carry over the selected service to another date or receive a full refund.

Bank Holidays, Christmas and New Year

Please note that Bank Holidays and during the Christmas to New year period will incur an additional charge. This will be agreed at the time of booking.

Emergency & Injury

In the case of an emergency, we agree to contact you in the first instance, however we reserve the right to act on your behalf with any veterinary or surgical advice if we are unable to reach you.
Your dogs safety is our number one priority and in the event of any accidental injuries we cannot be held responsible and you will be accountable for any veterinary fees incurred by your dog(s).
Should your veterinary surgeon not be available you duly authorise UK Dogworks to use their chosen veterinary practice, which is Pet Doctors, Tongham branch (9 Manor Rd, Tongham, Farnham GU10 1BL Tel: 01252 324044).

Marketing and Publication

We reserve the right to use any material, including texts and images sent to us or taken by us (in any format) or via our facebook page, for the purposes of marketing etc.

Privacy Policy

Please visit our website to see our privacy policy for more information on we use and store your data.

Last Updated 1st October 2018
UK Dogworks reserves the right to change these term conditions at any time.
UK Dogworks registered address: 18 Albert Road, Farnborough, GU14 6SH